Log in with NemID

What is Nem-Id?

  1. It is required by the Danish State through the National Digital Strategy that all Danish companies must have a special access (NemID) to all public platforms. When you are registered with a Danish VAT no. (CVR no.) the Danish Producer Responsibility Register’s It-system expects you also to have a NemID certificate. Please see explanation here: https://www.nemid.nu/dk-en/about_nemid/business/ This also means that if you enter the register on behalf of a customer or a company with a Danish VAT.no you must have a NemID certificate either as a code file or as a code card.
  2. Please consult your Danish department/colleagues to help you solve this. They can give you a company NemID so you have your own access.

NB! First you must LOGIN with your existing LOGIN details on the right-hand side. After that you can attach your Danish NemID access certificate.

All companies outside Denmark without a Danish VAT.nr (CVR.no) must log on using login and password.

Danish companies must first login using a provided Username and Password. After that, you attach your required company NemID.